Eurojackpot results for Tuesday 12 March 2024

21th drawing of Eurojackpot in 2024 took place at Tuesday the 12th of March at 21:00.
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Tuesday 12 03 2024

Hot & Cold Numbers 2024

3x 1x 6x 3x 5x 6x 8x

Hot & Cold Numbers 2023

11x 12x 15x 20x 13x 11x 14x
2 8 11 16 20 4 10

€ 10.000.000


Jackpot Prizes Number of Winners Countries
5 numbers + 2 euro numbers € 10.000.000,00 0 winners X
5 numbers + 1 euro number € 350.597,60 3x winner 1x Berlin, 1x Niedersachsen, 1x Netherlands
5 numbers € 118.632,60 5x winner 1x Bayern, 1x Berlin, 2x Nordrhein-Westfalen, 1x Ungarn
4 numbers + 2 euro numbers € 5.755,30 17x winners Not Known
4 numbers + 1 euro numbers € 195,60 625x winners Not Known
3 numbers + 2 euro numbers € 121,00 1111x winners Not Known
4 numbers + 0 euro numbers € 62,20 1572x winners Not Known
2 numbers + 2 euro numbers € 22,80 13658x winners Not Known
3 numbers + 1 euro numbers € 15,60 22271x winners Not Known
3 numbers + 0 euro numbers € 12,30 53925x winners Not Known
1 numbers + 2 euro numbers € 12,30 66017x winners Not Known
2 numbers + 1 euro numbers € 9,10 272729x winners Not Known

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For many, Tuesday and Fridat is more than just another day of the week; it's a chance to turn dreams into reality. By checking our statistics online you can maybe figure out a different strategy to play. Be aware! The odds are against you! "Tuesday amd Friday marks the eagerly anticipated Euro Jackpot drawing, an event that ignites excitement across Europe. As players eagerly await the results, they dream of capturing the grand prizes that the Eurojackpot offers. What would you do if you would win the jackpot? The Euro Jackpot drawing holds the promise of life-changing sums, captivating millions with its potential rewards. As the Euro Jackpot drawing unfolds, hopeful participants anxiously watch the numbers roll out. Each digit announced holds the potential to win some money or transform lives. Offering a glimpse into a future adorned with wealth and possibility. Chanches of winning are low, very low! But the allure of the Eurojackpot extends beyond the tantalizing prizes. It's about the thrill of the game! The rush of anticipation as the drawing unfolds and the hope that this Tuesday of Fridat could be that lucky day. Whether it's the allure of the prizes, the excitement of the drawing, or simply the thrill of participating in the Eurojackpot! Playing tip: "Play with small money and maybe one day you can live your dream!"