Eurojackpot Countries

Eurjackpot Information

The Eurojackpot lottery is a transnational European lottery launched in March 2012. Initially, it was created to compete with the EuroMillions lottery, offering a similar format but with a different prize structure and better odds of winning. Here are the countries that currently participate in the Eurojackpot lottery:

Germany: As one of the founding members, Germany has been participating in Eurojackpot since its inception.

Finland: Another founding member, Finland has been involved in Eurojackpot since the beginning.

Denmark: Denmark joined Eurojackpot in 2012, contributing to the growth of the lottery's player base.

Slovenia: Slovenia was one of the original participating countries, adding to the lottery's geographical diversity.

Italy: Italy became a member of Eurojackpot in 2012, increasing the jackpot prize pool and attracting more players.

Netherlands: The Netherlands also joined Eurojackpot in 2012, expanding the lottery's reach across Europe.

Estonia: Estonia joined Eurojackpot in 2012, providing its citizens with the opportunity to participate in the transnational lottery.

Spain: Spain joined Eurojackpot in 2012, further diversifying the pool of participating countries and players.

Croatia: Croatia became a member of Eurojackpot in 2012, offering its residents the chance to win substantial prizes.

Norway: Norway joined Eurojackpot in 2013, contributing to the lottery's growth and popularity in Scandinavia.

Sweden: Sweden joined Eurojackpot in 2013, attracting players from across the country with the promise of large jackpots.

Iceland: Iceland joined Eurojackpot in 2013, providing its citizens with an additional opportunity to win big.

Latvia: Latvia became a member of Eurojackpot in 2019, further expanding the lottery's presence in the Baltic region.

Lithuania: Lithuania joined Eurojackpot in 2020, increasing the lottery's player base and prize pool.

These countries participate in Eurojackpot to offer their citizens the chance to win large cash prizes while also contributing to the overall excitement and success of the lottery across Europe.